机会 for All: The 好处 of Being an SCU

Framingham State University is a proud member of the American Association of State 大学 and Universities (AASCU), an organization made up of more than 400 public colleges, 大学, 以及全国各地的系统.

Like all SCUs, we have a student-focused culture that centers on learning and teaching. Members of AASCU also share a long-standing commitment to underserved student populations and a dedication to research and creativity that makes them uniquely different from land grant or research 大学 and community and technical colleges. FSU is also an important part of the Commonwealth’s economic progress and 文化 development.

We and our fellow state colleges and 大学 foster a value system centered around the concept of “机会 for All” – SCUs create bright futures for all of the region’s students, 从而成为经济的, 文化, 以及他们所在州的社会驱动力.

Every SCU shares three core values: Quality, 可访问性, and Responsibility.

高质量: We have a student-centered focus that emphasizes learning and teaching as a core institutional belief. Our students are taught and mentored by a faculty of scholars and are exposed to a full range of educational opportunities in smaller class sizes. We support a broad range of different learning styles and opportunities – from our 荣誉项目 to hands-on applied undergraduate research with our faculty, 无论是在实验室还是在野外.

访问: 作为州立大学, FSU提供了一个可行的方案, high quality educational experience to a diverse cross-section of the region’s residents, including nontraditional students or groups that have historically been underrepresented in higher education. We celebrate diversity, build inclusiveness, and enable partnerships that help students succeed.

负责任: We create a skilled workforce that supports the state’s business needs while advancing economic progress and 文化 development. We prepare our students for a life of leadership and service and enhance their ability to attain financial independence after graduation.

人人有机会. 美国州立学院和大学

FSU提供高质量, 可访问的, and affordable choice to earning a four-year baccalaureate degree. We are proud to share the mission of our SCU peers to make higher education available to anyone who is willing to work hard to be successful.

欲了解更多有关AASCU的信息,请访问 http://www.aascu.org.